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Casino Grows Biz with Added Guestrooms and Profit Optimization System

Viejas Casino in San Diego, Calif., has announced it will implement its GuestREV™ profit optimization system as a key revenue-enhancing component of its exciting new 128-room hotel project. The GuestREV implementation is anticipated for early 2013.
The sweeping initiative, once complete, will transform the well-appointed 21-year-old facility, one of California’s first casinos, from a traditional casino into a casino hotel, offering guests a destination experience unparalleled in Southern California.
In forecasting and pricing hotel rooms, Rainmaker’s GuestREV profit optimization system factors in the Total Guest Value, or profitability of guest spend for the entire property or enterprise. This unique approach has helped boost gaming and non-gaming revenues from 5 percent to 15 percent at numerous casino hotels since its debut in 2001.
Three primary drivers were behind Viejas Casino’s selection of GuestREV:
  • Forecasting, which is fundamental to making the right decisions and the optimal profit
  • Reporting capabilities
  • The system’s ability to recommend different rates for different guest segments.

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