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Casino Cashes In on Guest Interaction With Digital Signage Solutions

As most hospitality industry professionals  know, there is more to digital signage than meets the eye. It was nearly three years ago when Parx Casino in Pennsylvania, the largest gaming complex in the state, opened its doors and set out to be a premier state of the art casino. Even before opening day, it was clear that in order to compete with nearby Atlantic City, the casino had to provide cutting-edge technology built to attract and retain area gaming and live racing fans.
Parx identified key opportunities for improved player experience and created an enjoyable entertainment atmosphere while keeping guests up to date and informed on casino activities. The casino management wanted to implement an aggressive technology strategy and to do so sought out partnerships with Cisco and Industry Weapon.
Leveraging Cisco’s agnostic network platform and Cisco Digital Signage, delivered through Cisco’s Interactive Services solution set, Parx deployed 65-foot displays at the entrance to hundreds of single-screen displays throughout the complex. This digital signage allows guests to easily access highly-engaging, real-time information ranging from upcoming casino promotions and available amenities to transit schedules and racing and gaming waiting lists.
Industry Weapon, a digital media solutions partner, also played a critical role in implementing the holistic digital signage experience for guests by scaling communications across the gaming floor. Industry Weapon also ensures that messages are designed and managed so that guests can easily access and view it regardless of what type of screen they are viewing it on.
Parx casino’s integration of these advanced technologies provides critical infrastructure which protects the organization, yet allows for rapid deployment of promotions, which results in increased player satisfaction and guest retention.
"By featuring video and other real-time content, we are able to interact closely with our guests via digital displays throughout our casino buildings. Each display is centrally managed, allowing us to deliver different content and target guests in specific areas for promotional opportunities or inform the entire casino of available events and amenities,” Carrie Nork Minelli, director of advertising and public relations for Parx Casino says. “Video specifically has become a key tool for us to make our guests feel more engaged and increase their participation throughout the casino."
Utilizing Cisco's centrally managed signage platform, business intelligence and data warehousing solutions, Parx Casino is able to simultaneously manage multiple channels of video content while delivering targeted information and promotions to players. Video content can be scheduled in advance or changed at a moment's notice for events or notifications.
Cisco has announced new digital signage innovations that can dramatically enhance how organizations attract, educate and engage customers, employees and citizens, and elevate their brand visibility. These innovations provide enhanced interactive capabilities through video, Web applications and touchscreen digital signs.
Cisco's Interactive Services solution set is introducing new web clients and a cloud-based management platform that enable customers to create, centrally manage and rapidly deploy personalized and interactive signage experiences across a network of high-definition and touchscreen digital displays.  
This digital integration has paid off in positive feedback and customer retention for the Parx Casino. As the 2012 Digital Signage Expo Gold Apex Award winner in the Arts, Entertainment & Recreation category, parx casino is allowing players and guests to see the gaming industry from a new perspective.

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