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CASE STUDY: Contactless Dining Features Help The Hilton Omaha Hotel Optimize F&B Operations

Hotel sees 240% increase year-over-year in F&B revenue during pandemic and significant reduction in menu printing costs.
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As one of the Hilton properties selected to beta test QR code ordering in late 2019, the Hilton Omaha started rolling out contactless dining and payment right before the global pandemic. When stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions started to lift in April/May 2020, the hotel was well-positioned to leverage GoTab’s unique restaurant features to reinvent food and beverage operations throughout the property. Today, with the travel industry forging ahead on the road to recovery and customers gaining confidence and booking trips, the Hilton Omaha boasts a clear advantage over its competitors. As the only hotel in Omaha featuring safe and easy contact-free ordering technology, it is pioneering the future of F&B operations at hotel properties in the region.

Flexible & Dynamic QR Code Menu Setups

At the Hilton Omaha, the hotel team takes full advantage of GoTab’s distinctive contact free ordering features to operate the lobby bar, coffee shop, door delivery and classic tableside dining. As F&B operations changed and evolved throughout the past year, the Hilton Omaha’s team utilized GoTab to create and update zones and layouts within the property, as well as swiftly adjust hours of operations for their restaurant, bar, coffee shop and door delivery. With several loyalty programs in place and various F&B venues to operate, the Hilton Omaha created multiple QR code menus. The QR codes were placed in each guest room, allowing for bar side pick-up or door delivery, depending on the level of person-to-person interaction guests are comfortable with. At the lobby bar, QR table tents allow guests to order takeout or classic tableside dining. A lean team behind the bar takes orders on a tablet and processes payment.

Loyalty- & Airline Partner-Specific Features

For members of the hotel’s loyalty program and its airline partners, a unique QR code menu offers the Better Breakfast benefit. Hotel agents offer qualifying guests their unique QR code menu at check-in so they can order or schedule their complimentary daily breakfast. As a restaurant commerce platform, GoTab’s menu features give hotel managers full control of digital menu displays and let the hotel include their own branding, photography, and even video to offer guests an immersive contact-free menu. Hotel managers can easily and seamlessly adjust menus, allowing them to set up menu modifiers, tax and default tip rates, enable or disable menu items, as well as change the order of menu items.

Streamlined Contactless Dining Process

The property is still operating with a lean group of staff members, who adhere to strict health and safety guidelines. They fully leverage GoTab to organize and fulfill guest orders easily and seamlessly. With GoTab’s scheduling capabilities, guests can book their preferred pickup date and time for door delivery  or to-go orders and can receive pickup instructions or delivery updates via text. Guests can also choose to place orders through one of the servers at the bar. All orders appear on a single interface (through a full integration with GoTab’s KDS), so the kitchen expedites orders and alerts their colleagues when orders are nearing completion. The kitchen can also communicate directly with guests about order changes, out-of-stock items or special instructions.

Two-Way Guest Communications

With GoTab, the team at the Hilton Omaha leverages the two-way text capability to communicate with hotel guests on their food and beverage orders. They’re able to ensure guest satisfaction as well as quickly address any concerns or requests. They are extremely responsive, and easily issue refunds or extend discounts or special offers to travelers, airline partners and loyalty program members.

Robust Performance & Sales

When comparing year-over-year performance of their food and beverage operations, the Hilton Omaha realized that using GoTab has directly, and greatly, influenced their performance and sales. “We have been able to optimize our culinary operations and handle an exponentially higher volume of orders thanks to GoTab’s technology,” said Director of Food & Beverage Zach Dimmitt. “This has led to robust sales and a 240% increase year-over-year in F&B revenue, which is truly a feat given the current global pandemic,” Dimmitt adds. The use of contact-free ordering features also allowed them to significantly reduce menu printing costs, which typically represent a large line item on their budget.


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