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Carnival Launches Remote Global Learning and Development Information System for Employees


Carnival Corporation & plc has launched the Global Learning and Development Information System (GLADIS), providing employees convenient access to the latest technology in training resources for continuous learning and professional development. Part of the company's commitment to achieve and sustain excellence in environmental compliance and overall operations, GLADIS is a single remote learning system capable of operating without internet access to deliver the company's 100,000+ shipboard employees a consistent experience, real-time tracking of training requirement completion and greater efficiency in records management and reporting.

Developed to ensure shipboard employees have easy access to training resources and to support continuous professional development among shipboard and shoreside employees, the system is now available for crewmembers from the company's nine global cruise line brands as a centralized approach to strengthening the learning culture and lifelong learning process for employees around the world.

GLADIS is continuously populated with both brand-specific and corporatewide content, including videos, instructor-led presentations, assessments and podcasts, promoting a greater focus on individual performance, competency mapping and advancement programs through targeted training.

Currently, with the shipboard training server installed on all ships in the global fleet, the company remains on track for the full implementation and usage of the training system by the end of 2019.

"The development and implementation of our new training technology tools further enhances our abilities to help provide a lifelong learning process and enhanced learning culture, and how we support and foster learning and development of shipboard employees," said John Allen, director of maritime training professional development.

In addition to GLADIS, the company also recently launched CrewTube, a smartphone and tablet application for download featuring video content focused on the onboarding process for new shipboard employees and utilizing the crew's predominant means of communication and information access to help with familiarization, preparation and awareness of life onboard, shipboard operations and Health, Environmental, Safety and Security (HESS) policies prior to joining a ship.

Training videos on the "YouTube-like" platform include a series of content from the basics of life onboard including what to pack, department introductions and crew facilities, in addition to HESS-related content emphasizing ship safety, health, environmental, security and onboard awareness. The company has plans in place to expand CrewTube's content focus to all crewmembers across the corporation.

Both new remote learning tools were developed by Carnival Corporation to reflect the latest insights in the way information is best processed, including increased digital experiences, accessibility through various devices and small content packages to promote self-learning. "With these new tools, we are able to bring training to our crew members onboard and ashore and offer them accessible learning opportunities to reinforce their professional development, while also strengthening our approach to achieving and maintaining a culture of environmental compliance, learning and overall operational excellence," said Chris Donald, senior vice president of corporate environmental compliance for Carnival Corporation.

In addition to facilitating remote and continuous learning opportunities, the training technology tools support Carnival Corporation's award-winning Center for Simulator Maritime Training (CSMART) Academy located at its Arison Maritime Center in Almere, Netherlands. CSMART provides rigorous annual safety training for over 7,000 bridge, engineering, electrical and environmental officers responsible for the safe operation of the world's largest fleet of cruise ships from the corporation's nine cruise line brands. 

Overall, the development of new training resources and investment in training courses support and strengthen Carnival Corporation's long-term commitment to sustainability, responsible operations and protecting the environment, as outlined in its 2020 Sustainability Goals for reducing its environmental footprint, while enhancing the health, safety and security of its guests and crew members, and ensuring sustainable business practices among its nine cruise line brands, business partners and suppliers.



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Carnival's Center for Simulator Maritime Training (CSMART) Academy at Arison Maritime Center in Almere, Netherlands
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