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Cafe Rio Taps Vendor Safe Technologies for Network Security

Cafe Rio, Inc. chose Houston-based Vendor Safe Technologies to provide security and better functionality for day-to-day operations through its Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance solution.

Prior to becoming a Vendor Safe customer, Cafe Rio, Inc. managed its firewall solutions in-house. "While our network was PCI compliant prior to the Vendor Safe solution, our 'off the shelf firewall solution lacked the functionality and manageability we were looking for," says Aaron Mangum, Cafe Rio's IT administrator. "Cafe Rio, Inc. recently attained Level 2 merchant status as defined by the PCI Standard, and Vendor Safe offered the network security solution that fits well with our security needs."

To protect each restaurant's network, Vendor Safe implemented a web content filtering solution that restricts access to malicious websites, insidious malware, hackers and other potential threats. Additionally, Vendor Safe employed its Self Configuring Firewall Architecture so the POS system, general network and video surveillance equipment could be protected in separate security zones. Zoning allows for segmentation within a single network providing critical security between the POS system and the back-office system without impeding the day to day workload.

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