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Burger King and Church's Texas Chicken in Mexico Seek Efficiencies from Cloud POS

Oracle MICROS Simphony Point-of-Sale is helping Corporativo GES to remotely manage its entire business on one system.
With a new cloud POS, Corporativo GES can make faster, more-informed decisions all while improving CX at its 30 franchise restaurants in Mexico.

With the pandemic putting a strain on restaurants, Corporativo GES, a restaurant operator with more than 30 Burger King and Church's Texas Chicken franchises in Mexico, knew it needed to move to the cloud to improve the efficiency of its operations. Today, Oracle MICROS Simphony Point-of-Sale (POS) is helping Corporativo GES to remotely manage its entire business on one system. With built-in restaurant data and analytics, the operator can make faster, more-informed decisions and is increasing diner satisfaction by improving the order and payment process, speeding counter and drive-thru service, and better managing its menu and customer promotions.

According to HT's 2021 POS Software Trends report,  25% of respondents plan to install POS software from a  new vendor in 2021, up from 12% a year ago.

"We were making decisions in the dark; we needed better visibility into our business," said Erik Moreno, manager, franchise operations, Corporativo GES. "A robust and scalable restaurant technology platform, like Oracle MICROS Simphony, that allows me to see and manage all my businesses from either my cellphone or computer was critical."

When it comes to the Top Strategic Goals for Tech Investment in 2021, 10% of restaurants are looking to reduce costs; increase and drive off-prem business, and improve business analytics, according to HT's 2021 Restaurant Technology Study.  

Using MICROS Simphony's analytics, Corporativo GES can immediately see where it can improve operations down to the individual franchise location. This includes a real-time view into its sales and product mix, popularity of menu items, average sales time, and the busiest times of day at each restaurant. This information allows Corporativo GES to better understand its diners and launch more effective promotions to foster customer loyalty.

"We felt that Oracle's MICROS Simphony POS cloud solution was the best for our needs. To be able to complete all the upgrades remotely during a time when no one could travel was incredibly important to us and really shows the power of cloud," said Moreno. "Since then, we've further realized the value of Oracle as a strategic partner, and for me, they are the best partner we have."

Corporativo GES also chose Oracle NetSuite to streamline its accounting and inventory process and unify information from MICROS Simphony. With NetSuite, it will increase visibility and control of sales transactions, accurately forecast budgets across the organization and improve purchasing based on data and historical purchase trends from its customers.


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