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Burger Jones Facilitates Guest Orders with HSI Profit Series POS & Online Ordering Tool

Burger Jones, the newest concept of Parasole Restaurant Holdings, has implemented Hospitality Solutions International's (HSI) Profit Series POS. Additionally, Burger Jones selected and recently installed Smarter Takeout, from HSI and IT Problem Solver, Inc., for its customer facing online ordering solution. HSI, a division of MICROS Systems, Inc., is a provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality industry.

Burger Jones, created by Phil Roberts, founder or Parasole Restaurant Holdings, opened its doors on May 19, 2009. The HSI Profit Series POS software is operated by six MICROS Workstation 5 POS terminals. The Profit Series POS software enables Burger Jones' wait staff to quickly enter orders and stay in front of its guests while effortlessly handling the high volume of the 4,500 square foot restaurant. The customized on-screen dining room is a graphical representation of the actual restaurant making it simple to select a table and begin placing guests' orders.

Online ordering with ease
The Smarter Takeout online ordering software integrates directly into the HSI Profit Series Point of Sale system enabling Burger Jones' guests to order online and place takeout orders directly through the restaurant's website, specify a date and time for pick-up, and pay online. Orders placed online automatically open a check in the HSI Profit Series POS. Profit Series POS calculates the prep time needed for each item ordered and holds the item until the appropriate time approaches and then routes the item to the kitchen for preparation, ensuring a quality product is ready for pick-up.

"The HSI Profit Series POS was up and running on day one and handled the large volume of orders on opening day with ease. Smarter Takeout, provides a simple tool for our guests to order online. Our kitchen staff is able to handle the increased volume with ease thanks to the way the Profit Series POS processes the orders and sends them to the kitchen. Smarter Takeout has provided us an effective online ordering solution at an affordable price for our single location, and a great fit to grow with us in the future," says John Emerson, general manager, Burger Jones.

The HSI Profit Series Point-of-Sale system is a Windows-based solution designed to fit into nearly any hospitality environment. With over 800 individual configuration options, the Profit Series POS can be tailored to meet the needs of any hospitality operation. From a single POS terminal to a complex enterprise with multiple locations, the simplicity of design is backed by extraordinary functionality and intuitive graphics making the use and operation of the Profit Series POS one of the easiest in the industry.
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