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Bringg Adds Auto-Dispatch to Its Delivery Logistics Platform, Helping Businesses Improve On-Time Deliveries by More Than 50%

Bringg, a delivery logistics platform for enterprises, announced the launch of a new platform module which allows businesses, such as branches of large restaurant and retail chains, to automatically distribute orders to their drivers in real-time.

Auto-Dispatch helps optimize the efficiency of their delivery processes and reduce the operational costs involved in dispatching, while perfecting the customer experience through highly improved on-time delivery rates. These goals are achieved by automatically providing each driver with as many orders as possible for a certain area, while making sure that all orders leave the location early enough to ensure that they reach the customer on time.

Bringg’s Auto-Dispatch technology empowers business branches and their delivery drivers through.

  1. Accuracy and Efficiency: business branches can operate more efficiently by optimizing the use of their fleet, leading to more accurate deliveries in terms of items, locations and times
  2. Staff Resourcing: eliminates the need for a designated member of staff to be responsible for dispatching orders, a manual process that often leads to errors, delays, and inefficient use of driver time.
  3. Batching Orders: by intelligently grouping orders in batches, single drivers can pick-up multiple orders that need to be delivered to nearby locations.
  4. Accurate Scheduling: drivers know exactly when they need to leave in order to deliver orders on time and what orders are waiting for them upon their return.

In initial deployments, Auto-Dispatch improved on-time delivery rates by 58%. It also decreased dispatcher workloads by up to 70% under normal load so that they became available to handle other on-site tasks. These results translate directly to significant improvements in both customer satisfaction, staff capacity and the bottom line.

The module operates based on Bringg's patent-pending optimization algorithm which takes into account the unique constraints and needs of each company, as well as their business goals. These parameters ensure that Auto- Dispatch operates in perfect synchronization with management policy and preferences, such as the time required for order preparation and packaging, and the time by which an order must leave the premises in order to meet customer expectations.

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