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Bring Your Restaurant Operations into the Modern Age

Think about it: Your business runs more efficiently when your in-restaurant operators and accounting staff are synchronized. In order to accomplish this, nix the old patchwork plan of multiple accounting, scheduling, inventory, and sales reporting softwares. Instead, consolidate with a single technology provider that can streamline aspects like inventory, account payable, scheduling, and menu engineering, and bring these various aspects of restaurant management into the modern age.

Bring Inventory to the Modern Age

Move away from clipboards and dozens of sheets of paper and toward the power of technology in the palm of your hand. There are many benefits of counting on an app or software, such as having a single-entry point and shelf-to-sheet counting. The built-in calculator helps you save time, resulting in labor savings and better quality of life. Journal entries can be created automatically allowing you to attain real-time reporting.

Bring Accounts Payable to the Modern Age

Using advanced technology for integrated receiving means line-item details appear automatically, and receiving costs drive all costing in the system. The real-time reporting features allow you to see costs over time and hold vendors accountable to contract pricing. Inventory control options provide on-hand amounts to compare to actuals. You’ll also stop running out or ordering too much with suggestive ordering, which allows you to order based on historical usage, as well as validate ordered vs received data.

Bring Scheduling to the Modern Age

The right technology partner should offer web scheduling capabilities, including the ability to copy templates or the previous week’s schedule. You should also be able to view up-to-date data to make decisions and use goals to get suggestions. The right app functionality can be your employees’ single point of contact for making requests and updating their availability or contact info. Requests/Availability/Contact info. You can also send out mass alerts or messages to your team. The labor data allows you to compare scheduled to actual numbers, get a payroll accrual journal entry, and see daily P&Ls in relation to labor.

Bring Menu Engineering to the Modern Age

Elements like sales mix polling allow you to bring in sales mix data straight from the POS, plus use past data to predict future results (forecasting). You can build out recipes to compare costing to sales and use the data to make quarterly menu updates. Provided dashboards mean you get a detailed sales analysis that allows you to perform tasks like tracking individual server performance as well as categorize the menu for easy visibility.

In Conclusion

Consolidating your different systems into a single, modern technology operation has numerous benefits. Your employees will be happier with the transparency present between themselves and management. Operations will be significantly more efficient in both front and back of house, and customizable reporting on all fronts will allow for an up-to-date analysis of the success of your restaurant.


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