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Boutique India Hotel Hopes IDeaS Revenue Management will Bring Accuracy to Forecasting

Boutique Indian hotelier, the Mirador in Mumbai, has turned to the IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) to bring accuracy and consistency to their forecasting and pricing processes.

The Mirador Hotel is an upscale designer hotel centrally located in Mumbai. The property offers 103 rooms and an atmosphere that combines the finesse of the best luxury hotels, without the associated cost. Rooms are elegantly decorated and offer an oasis from busy city life. The hotel includes two bars, around-the-clock restaurant, and extensive banquet and conference facilities.

Having previously been relying on manual processes to undertake important forecasting and pricing decisions, the Mirador Hotel sought to upgrade their operations and work with a respected revenue management partner to enhance the properties long-term financial performance.

"The management team at the Mirador Hotel are a forward thinking group, and we recognized that to stay ahead of the local competition, there were some processes and strategies that needed to be addressed," says Mr. Sunil Bhatia, director of commerce, sales & marketing.

"The Mirador Hotel will work with IDeaS to analyze past occupancy patterns and to help forecast current and future booking trends. Using all available booking data, we will work with IDeaS to apply advanced revenue management practices and price our hotel's room rates correctly based on high, medium or low occupancy, ensuring revenue is being optimized."

In working with IDeaS, the Mirador Hotel will be adopting the acclaimed IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) to provide clear insight into the hotel's booking patterns - ensuring that occupancy and revenue can be maximized now and into the future.

In addition to offering direct forecasting and pricing decision benefits, through working with IDeaS, the Mirador Hotel is also looking to achieve improvements in overall operational performance.

"Once we are sure of the booking patterns, our Human Resources team will be able to manage staffing in different departments such as front office, food and beverage, housekeeping and engineering, thereby optimizing staff utilization," says Bhatia.

IDeaS is committed to working closely with hotel organizations throughout India to support them in reaching their optimal revenue and profit levels by focusing on the development of a strong revenue management culture.
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