Book4Time Launches ‘Enhanced Couples Booking’ Feature

Couple in hotel room booking a spa appointment

Book4Time, a cloud-based spa software for hotels and resorts, has released an all new way for users to make couples booking reservations with the launch of Enhanced Couples Booking. 

This feature will allow concierge teams to seamlessly book couples service appointments without any additional clicks or the need to manually override a room assignment. Additionally,  this feature allows you to adjust pricing to reflect a fixed amount for two of the same services, a choice of services for each guest at the same price, or a ‘couple’s choice’ service menu with a flexible amount (different prices.)

“Book4Time recognizes the unique aspects of delivering couples services, and has provided a solution that makes the overall setup and booking process quite simple. Spas have the flexibility of giving the individual guests choices in the services they select while their appointments are intrinsically linked throughout the lifecycle of the booking.”

-Dee Thomas, Director of Product Management

Guests will still have the same option to add-on additional services such as hot-stone, aromatherapy, etc. These optional add-ons won’t add any additional time to the service they are receiving but they will increase the overall ticket amount, maximizing total revenue potential of these services.

Optimizing room usage for designated couples treatment rooms is essential. When using our newly enhanced couples booking feature, couples booking their appointments will automatically be booked into the designated couples room or ‘facility’ set up in your system. This eliminates the confusion for staff and practitioners on which room to perform the services in.

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