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Bluedot Expands Customer Arrival Toolkit

New features include Hello Screens as a mobile app or website; Alert on-the-go staff of customers' approach and arrival.
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Bluedot, a customer arrival platform that empowers businesses to provide real-time interactions and pickup solutions, today expanded its Arrival Toolkit with the addition of a new mobile solution for Hello Screens. The advancement allows Hello Screens, which alerts store staff of customers' approach and arrival, to be deployed as an app in addition to a website.

With a fast and intuitive dashboard, Hello Screens provides total visibility into the customer pickup experience with real-time order tracking and helps businesses meet rising consumer demand for speed and convenience. In addition to restaurants, the mobile app is especially well suited for quick service restaurants (QSRs), retailers, and SMBs by allowing staff access to Hello Screens no matter where they are – inside or outside of the store.

[75% of consumers prefer to order delivery direct from the restaurant, according to HT's 2021 Customer Engagement Technology Study.]

The app works on mobile devices and tablets to provide businesses the flexibility to seamlessly adopt the solution into their existing workflows. Hello Screens can run in the background while other apps are in use, only delivering notifications when someone is upon approach or has arrived. Sound and pulse alerts are given when a customer is on the way or on-site so orders can be readied and brought out at just the right time. The solution is fast and easy to adopt without requiring any location-type hardware such as beacons. 

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The app and web version of Hello Screens is a key element of Bluedot's complete customer Arrival Toolkit which also includes Wave so customers can alert store staff when they arrive in store or curbside with a single tap and Tempo, a predictive time-based arrival technology. The Wave API can be inserted into any marketing channel, such as text, email, etc., to send updates to Hello Screens that a customer is either on the way or has arrived at a store. Webhooks then allow systems to receive updates when an order has changed status such as when a customer has been acknowledged by staff or an order has been fulfilled providing a valuable trove of event data for analytics.

"Order pickup is an incredibly important aspect of the customer experience, whether that's in-store or curbside, and it really does reflect the brand," said Emil Davityan, Bluedot CEO and co-founder. "In a store with a distributed workforce, minimizing customer wait time is challenging. Being able to alert staff while they're somewhere else in the store that it's time to greet a customer and bring out their order is a huge advantage, especially for retailers and restaurants today competing for customer loyalty."

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