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BlueCart Report Reveals Popular Purchasing Trends in Hospitality

BlueCart, a B2B SaaS company, offers a mobile procurement app that restaurants and bars can use to directly connect with their exclusive network of suppliers. Using data from BlueCart’s user community of 37,000 businesses, BlueCart's Analysis of Procurement Trends 2017 report focuses on U.S. market trends which provides businesses valuable insights as to where the food sector could be migrating to in terms of demand. As a procurement app, BlueCart has gathered a significant amount of purchasing data across the food and beverage industry over the last three years. The report identifies potential market trends, risks, and opportunities through analysis of this data.

The data in this report is comprised of purchasing data from BlueCart’s users with some analysis of larger trends in the industry, provided by industry leaders. Key sectors that are covered are: meats, seafood, alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, produce, bakery and paper goods. Possible emerging trends include farmed salmon and shrimp demand increasing while alternative cuts of chicken are decreasing in popularity. Additionally, analysis of mobile vs. desktop purchasing trends can be found in the report.

Those interested can download the report at:

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