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BirchStreet and HotSOS Partner to Create a Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

HotSOS, a Newmarket hotel service optimization solution, has partnered with BirchStreet Systems. BirchStreet’s Inventory Control module integrates directly into HotSOS so customers can report, track and cost perpetual inventory at any number of inventory locations within the property.

Together, the integration allows HotSOS technology to monitor maintenance and operations while BirchStreet allows customers to track inventory parts, monitor par levels and reorder items through its procure-to-pay platform.

This seamless integration mobilizes the process of adding equipment used during the process of working on a service order, in real-time. By using a smart device, an employee can simply click on the part icon of a particular service order in the HotSOS application to search or scan for a specific part utilized during the work. This integration allows for this part to be automatically removed from inventory of the appropriate storeroom using BirchStreet Inventory Control module. If parts need to be replaced or reordered, BirchStreet can automate purchase orders for inventory replenishment.
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