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Bevintel Teams with IPC to Optimize Efficiency and Cost Savings in Inventory Management

Bevintel has optimized its efficiency and realized cost savings by utilizing the Linea Pro™ 4 from Infinite Peripherals, Inc. (IPC). The Linea Pro 4 adds a barcode scanner and a magnetic stripe reader to the Apple® iPod touch® or iPhone®, and works with custom software to create a mobile system for point-of-sale, inventory management, asset tracking, ID verification and lead tracking, among other capabilities.
This handheld system uses the company’s BevMobile application, which was built in-house to run on iOS, to conduct inventory management for wine, beer and liquor when franchisees perform audits in bars and restaurants. The result is quicker, more accurate bar stock taking; ideal inventory levels; and minimized loss due to waste and theft.
Bevintel replaced its former bulky handheld devices with the Linea Pro in 2012 based on the excellent quality and reputation of the Linea Pro. Beyond inventory, Bevintel is considering adding capabilities to this robust mobile system, in order to make it “the do-it-all system for our franchisees’ day-to-day operations.
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