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Best Western Hotels and Resorts to Leverage Full AWS Portfolio


Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company, announces that Best Western Hotels & Resorts is moving its infrastructure to AWS to automate processes and quickly develop new and more personalized experiences for travelers visiting its more than 4,700 properties around the world. Best Western Hotels & Resorts will migrate all of its business-critical applications to AWS including its hotel reservation system, customer reward platform, and global contact centers, with plans to complete the migration of these applications from its existing data centers by the end of 2020.

Best Western Hotels & Resorts is leveraging the breadth and depth of AWS services, including analytics, machine learning, database, compute, and storage, as well as the expertise from AWS Professional Services, aiming to accelerate the pace of innovation and improve operational efficiency for its member-owners that independently own and operate its hotel properties.

“In recent years we have embarked on a digital transformation that is designed to delight our guests, develop agile ways of working, and create new value for guests, hotel owners, and employees,” says Greg Adams, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer for Best Western Hotels & Resorts. “With its unmatched portfolio of services, AWS is a natural fit for Best Western Hotels & Resorts’ move to the cloud, as we focus on improving processes, driving better business results for our member-owners, and delivering even greater value to travelers around the world.”

As part of its move to the cloud, Best Western Hotels & Resorts is migrating its hotel reservation systems off legacy databases to Amazon Aurora (for its primary database needs) and Amazon Redshift (for data warehousing) to increase capacity and enable faster processing of hotel reservations around the world, enabling the company to scale during peak travel booking periods.

The hotel brand is planning to use Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center service, to better serve customers around the globe who need booking support, along with AWS machine learning services, such as Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend, to convert speech to text and uncover insights to deliver more personalized customer experiences for guests.

Working with AWS, Best Western Hotels & Resorts is identifying additional ways to use analytics and machine learning services across its entire business. For example, they plan to use Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service to build, train, and deploy ML models, and Amazon Forecast, a fully managed service that uses machine learning to deliver highly accurate forecasts, to uncover key trends and guest booking patterns in order to offer more personalized recommendations to the nearly 40 million members of its Best Western Rewards® loyalty program.


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