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Benchmark Inn Partners with HIS for Content Casting


Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions, announces the addition of content casting abilities at the Benchmark Inn with its implementation of BeyondTV GuestCast®. Providing its guests with a tranquil setting near the center of Provincetown, Massachusetts, Benchmark Inn nonetheless recognized the need to conform to guest preferences for personalized content casting abilities when it comes to in-room entertainment and with BeyondTV GuestCast, can do so affordably along with the ability to protect guest data privacy.

"Providing guests with the ability to access their own content in a way that suits their preferences is rapidly becoming a crucial factor in a hotel's ability to remain competitive and ensure full satisfaction," says Daniel Judas, Manager and co-owner of the Benchmark Inn. "HIS with its BeyondTV GuestCast platform ensures that we are fully able to meet such needs while providing the flexibility that we need for it to function seamlessly alongside our existing operations. Further still, BeyondTV GuestCast is not only designed to ensure that each guest can easily cast content from any personal device but also allows us to maintain their trust through the protection of personal data."

Compatible with virtually any internet network and television used in today's guestrooms, BeyondTV GuestCast sidesteps the need for complex integrations and serves as a cost-effective casting solution that mirrors the functionality and ease-of-use that guests are accustomed to when at home. For Benchmark Inn's owners, this advantage meant being able to implement an effective casting service without having to replace existing television sets. Also compatible with more than 1,000 mobile-based apps, BeyondTV GuestCast aims to ensure that guests staying at the property can access essentially any personalized content that they now expect to be able to experience on a larger guestroom television screen.

As a secure alternative to smart televisions, BeyondTV GuestCast does not require the entering of login usernames and passwords which may otherwise be inadvertently left undeleted after a guest checks out. With its device isolation capabilities, BeyondTV GuestCast also eliminates the risk of cross-room communication to prevent content from being cast to the incorrect television screen. BeyondTV GuestCast further provides hoteliers with the ability to monitor system health and is backed by 24/7 support, ensuring that guests remain fully satisfied with their experience throughout the duration of their stay.

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