Beekeeper Launches New Marketplace to Implement a Highly Customized Digital Workplace Platform

Beekeeper, the mobile-first collaboration platform for frontline workers, announced the launch of the Beekeeper Marketplace, the next generation of the company’s frontline operating system. The Marketplace features best-in-class, innovative technology integrations that create a dynamic and diverse ecosystem, and provides the non-desk workforce easy access to operational systems and communication channels through a mobile-first solution.

Beekeeper’s mobile platform is transforming the way frontline businesses work by helping companies ditch paper and manual processes to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance. With the introduction of their Marketplace, an integration hub, Beekeeper can offer highly-customized digital workplace platforms to their customers. Customers have the option of building integrations with platforms already in use through Beekeeper, or building in integrations using another platform, providing for advanced functionality and industry support.

“A great technology experience is a cornerstone of a great workplace culture, especially for people who work in deskless and mobile roles instead of traditional office or workplace settings,” said Mike May, Vice President of technology partnerships at UKG. “Creating a frictionless technology experience that allows these people to spend more time focused on customers and strategic priorities and less time toggling between disparate applications is best achieved when businesses align themselves with solution providers who are willing to collaborate together in the best interests of employees.”

To date, Beekeeper’s Marketplace includes a total of 52 integrations with other platforms and 27 first-party apps. These off-the-shelf integrations give non-desk employees a simplified, secure, and easy-to-use tool where anything a particular worker needs to excel in their daily routine is stored in one convenient location. Integrations can be made with common systems including SharePoint, SAP SuccessFactors, Ceridian Dayforce, BambooHR, and others.

“We recognize that our customers require an expansive and diverse ecosystem of solutions to serve their employees,” said Cristian Grossmann, CEO, Beekeeper. “Through our Marketplace, we hope to create a vibrant community of best-in-class providers that are changing the way the non-desk workforce communicates in a simple and productive way.”

Beekeeper's open application programming interface allows for custom integrations with other tools that frontline workers need. With the use of API’s, the system allows Beekeeper to integrate with external platforms that are inherently not using their system. For instance, the Marketplace will combine the data frontline workers receive from desk-based workers into one platform, making information more accessible. Integrations make up the majority of Beekeeper’s marketplace, including some 1st party apps that are used only within the Beekeeper platform.

Through Beekeeper’s Innovation Program, the company’s dedicated team sources cutting-edge software solutions and cultivates industry-leading partnerships. In 2022, Beekeeper saw a 21 percent growth in this area, adding new innovation partners including BLENT, eduMe, and Peoplegeist to its list of existing partner integrations such as ADP, UKG, Microsoft, Slack, and Betterworks.

“We are excited about the growing demand for engagement for all workers in all industries,” said Christopher Meignier, CEO, BLENT. “Our presence in the Beekeeper Marketplace signals to the broader industry the synergies between our offerings and the ability to successfully deliver on these expectations.”

“Betterworks’ Engage product enables Beekeeper customers to deploy employee engagement survey questions directly to frontline workers without requiring them to leave the Beekeeper mobile app,” Dustin Clinard, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Betterworks. “We see a strategic fit with Beekeeper, as this partnership will result in better response rates and rich insights for leadership into the employee experience and engagement.”

Organizations and technology innovators interested in becoming a partner can visit:

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