Beekeeper, EduMe Partnership Places Digital Training Tools for Frontline Workers in One Platform

Integration enables employers to deliver mobile-friendly, training courses to improve productivity, retention, and upskilling to frontline workers.
Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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With the EduMe integration, Beekeeper introduces a suite of, in-app training functionalities designed for non-desk workers.

Beekeeper announced a full-scale integration with EduMe, the mobile-based training platform for the deskless workforce, to improve organizational productivity and boost employee retention.

With the EduMe integration, Beekeeper introduces a suite of, in-app training functionalities designed for non-desk workers.

The EduMe integration brings mobile training courses, quizzes, assessments, and individual lessons to frontline workers at their fingertips with easy access to upskilling and occupational training programs. Through a user-friendly widget in the Beekeeper app, it virtually eliminates the need for paper-based processes. HR teams and company leadership can easily distribute targeted training reminders as instant push notifications through the Beekeeper app to encourage completion, monitor performance, and ensure compliance.

Both EduMe’s training platform and Beekeeper’s suite of messaging services can be delivered in each employee’s preferred language, reducing the margin for translation error and ensuring that multi-lingual and international teams can access organizational knowledge. Administrators can also broadcast training initiatives to specific teams, roles, and locations or scale the training course company-wide.

The Beekeeper-EduMe integration optimizes employee performance through mobile-based, contextual training sessions that employees can access instantly through the home screen widget with one click. The integration streamlines processes and improves access to knowledge across the entire employee journey, including:

  • Onboarding: Mobile courses to expedite and standardize new employee training programs
  • Productivity: Improved rates of task completion/success and adherence to safety standards
  • Training: Long-term access to opportunities for upskilling and expanded industry knowledge
  • Retention: Training to support internal mobility and foster better retention rates

Now, employees using Beekeeper can manage every aspect of their jobs within one app. This includes company updates, manager and team support, benefits and vacation time, shift scheduling, community building, workplace surveys, and more. With ongoing social distancing measures in place to varying degrees worldwide, mobile access to company information will be crucial to the future of workforce safety and development.

Beekeeper came into partnership with EduMe through the Beekeeper Acceleration Program’s 2021 Summer Cycle. Since that time, the companies have worked together to run various successful pilot projects to advance their shared mission to transform the way billions of frontline employees’ work. Companies interested in joining the Beekeeper Acceleration Program can apply for the 2021/2022 Winter Cycle at Participating companies can connect with Beekeeper's community of more than 1000 customers worldwide, with a focus this year on addressing the needs and daily challenges of frontline managers. The application deadline for the current cycle is March 18, 2022.