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Bartech NeoTray Provides Safe and Convenient Point-of-Sale for Generating Post-COVID Guestroom Revenue

Bartech, providers of automatic minibar solutions for the global hospitality industry, is fulfilling a growing need in the post-COVID 19 hotel environment through its proprietary NeoTray solution, which allows non-refrigerated items to be securely offered to hotel guests through an automated point-of-sale within the safety of the guestroom. As hotels worldwide seek out ways to continue to provide for guests' needs in the new socially distanced travel experience, Bartech's NeoTray provides a solution for presenting non-traditional items for purchase, such as PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) like masks and hand sanitizer to help ensure guest health and safety.

"In today's challenging travel environment, guests are increasingly conscious of their own health and safety during their stay and will tend to avoid common areas like crowded hotel bars and restaurants," says Bartech CEO Mario Agrario. "This means they will be likely to spend more time in the guestroom, but will still expect their needs to be met in a way that makes them feel safe and comfortable."

In a recent article in Bustle, Dr Frank Ong. MD, CPI, CCRP and Chief Medical and Scientific Officer for Everylywell, commented on this evolving guest behavior, saying, "The riskiest part of staying in a hotel room may actually be what happens outside of the room itself."

Bartech's NeoTray is an ideal solution to this new guestroom-centric travel experience, allowing the property to generate much-needed in-room revenue, while offering a convenient and valuable guest service. With a clear, protective sealed lid, the NeoTray allows products to be attractively and conveniently displayed to encourage purchase, optimizing the potential for in-room revenue. The unit can also be sanitized and visibly sealed with a sticker to provide added guest assurance and confidence in the property's commitment to their wellbeing.

The NeoTray utilizes Bartech's industry-leading automatic minibar technology, enabling wireless communication via Wi-Fi or the built in ZigBee antenna. This wireless operation allows usage data to be sent directly from the unit to the hotel's Property Management System (PMS), providing a digital record of any openings of the sealed unit. In this way, only the units that have been opened need to be serviced and cleaned between guest stays, minimizing staff visits to the guestroom. This promotes less physical contact between guests and staff, while minimizing labor costs and further ensuring guest safety. All charges are posted in real time to the guest folio within the PMS, ensuring accurate charges at checkout.

The Bartech guestroom can also be customized to complement any guestroom decor. The color choices available for the unit's sides and frame are virtually endless, with options including solid colors, leather, mirror, stainless steel, cloth or wood veneer. Bartech will even match an exact wood type upon request.

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