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Bars Curb Underage Drinking with ID Scanning App

The management at the Bayview Restaurant and Bar in Port Townsend, WA, knows it’s smart to avoid trouble with the law by verifying age and identity prior to serving up alcoholic beverages. Now–imagine having the ability to aim a smartphone at the barcode or magnetic stripe on a driver’s license and within mere seconds instantly verify the age and ID validity of the patron.  This is the promise delivered by barZapp, a new app created by Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc.

The wait staff at Bayview just points a cell phone with the barZapp product at a customer’s ID and the software does the rest. It checks if the ID is fake, checks the customer’s age and proves that the staff checked their ID.

Identities are confirmed—or not, in the case of a fake ID. A quick barZapp scan of the encoded information displays the bearer’s name, gender, ID number, date of birth and computed age prominently shown. Photos of sample IDs from the appropriate state are able to be shown to aid further visual inspection, which is far quicker than reviewing a book of sample ID’s.  New features will soon be added to barZapp, including VIP lists as noting banned patrons.

BarZapp can be easily used by servers at bars, restaurants and other establishments to reduce the chances of receiving fines and penalties when age-restricted products like alcohol, tobacco products, access or movies, for example, are unknowingly sold to underage purchasers. BarZapp licenses are granted for individual devices, allowing licensees to rotate the devices among rotating staff. An introductory version is available in the Apple App Store for $1.99, with annual and monthly licenses available on Intellicheck Mobilisa’s website for $19.95 per month. BarZapp requires iOS 6.1 or greater, and a version for Android will be available soon.
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