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Baja Fresh Goes Green with Paperless Archiving

Baja Fresh, Inc. signs a five-year contract with Casdex, Inc. to provide its flagship digitization and archiving services to the nationwide food chain. Under this agreement, Casdex will digitize all human resources records and financial records for each of Baja Fresh's more than 300 store locations and then preserve these files using Casdex's state-of-the-art archiving service. 
Casdex provides a digital archiving solution to meet the growing demand for Baja Fresh and other businesses to preserve their essential business records electronically, but in an immutable, irrefutable form that can be submitted as evidence in a court of law. Casdex's cloud platform brings the best features of a compliant electronic archive together with anytime, anywhere access.
"With so many locations nationwide, it has become a Herculean task to keep track of all of our paper documents," says David Kim, chief executive officer of Baja Fresh, Inc. "Implementing Casdex has helped us streamline our document management process without needing to worry about the security of our files so that we can focus on our most important priority: satisfying our customers."
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