Avery Dennison Unveils Compliance, Inventory Tracking Products

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Freshmarx Tablet System is a flexible and portable solution for the restaurant kitchen environment.

Four new Freshmarx products from Avery Dennison are helping restaurants and retailers solve food supply chain and operational issues.    

 These new products give restaurant operators flexibility and efficiency in managing employees and meeting federal regulations.

 As of May 7, 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires nutrition labeling for all standard menu items, including calories, trans fats and sugars. Freshmarx  Nutrition offers an all-in-one food and nutrition solution to address this regulation.

Hand-calculating and labeling ingredient and nutritional information for grab-and-go foods is cumbersome and can be error prone.  Freshmarx  Nutrition, supported by ESHA’s Genesis R&D  Food Formulation Software, calculates nutrition information for ingredients, recipes and menu items and imports the data straight to the Freshmarx  Tablet or Freshmarx  9417+ for easy labeling.

Combining the features of two applications—automated labeling and confirmed nutrition—makes the  overall workflow process more efficient by eliminating the need to enter data into both systems.

In addition to Freshmarx  Nutrition, Avery Dennison introduces three other products: 

Freshmarx Tablet System: As restaurants continue to realize the value of tablets beyond front-of-house and into the kitchen environment, the Freshmarx Tablet System solves kitchen challenges related to food labeling, employee training, mobile printing and space constraints by combining the Avery Dennison 9485 portable printer with the Freshmarx  Prep software application on an iPad.

Freshmarx Food Donate and Waste helps restaurants determine exactly how much food inventory is being lost as a result of inaccurate inventory management and ordering processes.  This application allows for easy tracking using a weigh scale - along with labeling and logging - so restaurants can measure and analyze food waste in order to reduce inventory costs and minimize waste by discarding less food, or by donating excess.

Freshmarx Task Tracker is a cloud-based, customizable digital checklist application for non-food task execution and food temperature monitoring. This application eliminates paper logs, simplifies kitchen processes and ensures that food is safe for consumption. All checklist data is stored digitally and available for analysis to ensure completion and compliance.

And Avery Dennison continues in UHF RFID technology for inventory management and distribution. Applied within the food industry, Avery Dennison RFID solutions are increasing inventory accuracy to about 99% and reducing waste by around 20%, improving food safety due to increased visibility of use-by dates, as shown in pilot with a leading fast food restaurant. Avery Dennison now has more than 800 patents and applications to help with supply chain management, loss prevention and tracking.