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Automated Tracking Solution Helps Hotels Go Green and Streamline Laundry Ops

FCS Computer Systems (FCS) announces the launch of e-Laundry, an automated alternative to manual laundry and linen tracking. The new e-Laundry solution is designed to help hotels eliminate paper trails, while gaining greater perspective into real-time inventory, operational needs by shift, and future consumption forecasting. e-Laundry is especially suitable for hotels with more than 300 rooms, mega resorts and casino hotels with an exceptionally heavy demand for laundry services.
The hub of e-Laundry is the Management Dashboard, which provides an overview of each day's performance for laundry and linen activities. Accessible from the Management Dashboard are four modules designed to track all linen activities with inventory management and consumption forecasts, based on reservation and occupancy data. The Laundry Module tracks all laundry transactions and related activities in real time, while the Linen Module manages linen activities, inventory and forecasting. e-Laundry's Transaction Module integrates with each hotel's Property Management Systems (PMS) to post directly to the guests' folios or separate internal finance accounts for staff. Finally, the Report Builder and Scheduler Module creates customized reports based on operational needs. 
e-Laundry also supports multiple languages, which is essential for international operations. Its multi-property capabilities allow hotels to expand their current system to other locations. Other features include the ability to define user access, digitalized laundry forms, slip/bill printing, laundry allowance entitlement, forecasting and even job status tracking via e-Connect.
With the introduction of e-Laundry, FCS has taken a modern approach to laundry and linen tasks by bringing all activity online. This web-based solution allows hotel management to eliminate inefficient paper tracking and use hard data to create better staff schedules and budgets, in order to make accurate future forecasts. Like most FCS solutions, e-Laundry can be used as a stand-alone product, but is best when used in combination with other FCS technology solutions. e-Laundry seamlessly integrates with e-Connect, e-Recovery, e-Concierge, e-Housekeeping and e-Engineering creating the FCS e-Solution. These six FCS products share the same login and database for consolidated data and workflow management.
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