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Automated Forecasting Tool Saves Restaurant 10% in Unnecessary Staffing Costs

Being an independent restaurant owner means long days; particularly if your restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, like DIRT is. DIRT is a thriving farm-to-counter eatery and wellness bar combining fresh, great-tasting food with health, convenience and simplicity, based in Miami Beach, Fla.
Owner Jeff LaTulippe arrives at DIRT every morning before the breakfast service starts and stays until the last dinner is polished off, usually resulting in 13-15 hour days, every day of the week. He spends that time working with customers, meeting with farmers and vendors, managing staff, creating seasonal menus, and planning for DIRT’s second location, which will soon open in downtown Miami.
“Forecasting is something I simply don’t have time for,” LaTulippe said.
However, the variable nature of Miami Beach’s weather, tourist season, holiday crowds, and myriad beachside events means that DIRT is subject to many external factors that frequently impact its business.
Because LaTulippe is focused on serving customers and making great-tasting, healthy food, he doesn’t have time to manually forecast, so for the past year, DIRT has been relying on the automated forecasting of Sales Temperature to predict customer rushes or slow times, and to help control labor and staffing.
“We use it every day,” LaTulippe noted, a self-proclaimed ‘numbers geek’ who also ensures his store managers receive the daily Sales Temperature forecast. The notice provides DIRT with an accurate estimate of the week’s sales, which LaTulippe can use to schedule employees and determine the sales-per-employee-hour needed to ensure DIRT’s profitability and growth.
LaTulippe estimates Sales Temperature has saved him at least 10% in unnecessary staffing costs, and it also simplifies his weekly labor scheduling. But most of all, Sales Temperature saves LaTulippe time, the most valuable commodity of all for this successful entrepreneur.
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