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Arrivedo Provides Platform to Help Hoteliers Counter AirBnB Bookings

Arrivedo is the first online platform for hotel recommendations that gives voice to hoteliers. The platform is announcing its global launch as the first website to organize and curate Neighborhood Guides for every hotel in the world.
Arrivedo is on a mission to promote hotels considered as top local hosts in each city in the world. Arrivedo has 250 hotels so far that have published via their technology. With this generated content, they now have Neighborhood Guides connected with more than 5,000 hotels in 60 cities around the world, including San Francisco, Rome, Madrid, Toronto, London, Mexico City, Lima and Cusco.
Arrivedo's unique approach helps hotels build a reputation as local hosts, empowering them to organize a Neighborhood Guide for guests. The technology ranks the hotel’s Neighborhood Guide to identify best experiences for guests around a given hotel. Arrivedo differentiates itself from its market competitors by helping travelers find the ideal neighborhood experiences when booking a hotel. And once the traveler is in destination, they get a curated guide on their phones right after check-in.
Arrivedo fills a much needed gap. This is because hotels need to bring local experiences to appeal to the millennial traveler in the search for a place to stay. This research study says The Majority of Airbnb guests use it as a substitute for hotels. The Neighborhood Guides also help guests get the most out of their stay via recommendations from its local host (hotel) and they will soon include reviews and comments by past guests.
With guests’ comments in the platform, Arrivedo brings a new transparency layer to hotels’ recommendations for guests. Arrivedo offers a centralized solution to the questions answered at hotel receptions including what to do and how to make the most out of a visit to any specific town, neighborhood or city.
Arrivedo connects its travel writer community with hotels to simplify the content production for the hotel team. Hotels no longer have to spend a lot of time and thousands of dollars printing paper maps. With Arrivedo the process takes 45 minutes of the hotels’ time. Hotel staff tell Arrivedo's writers the best spots around their location, and writers curate the guide for them. 
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