Ariane Systems Integrates with Checkmate to Streamline Hotel Communications and Facilitate Guest Self Check-in

Ariane Systems has announced a partnership with Checkmate, a provider of two-way communication platforms for hotels and resorts. The new technology integration provides hoteliers with a comprehensive solution that caters to the growing demand for self-service options, while preserving the ability to offer personal interaction between guests and staff, whenever needed. With a technology solution that allows guests to completely bypass the front desk and go directly to their guestrooms, Ariane Systems can now ensure that users of its advanced guestroom key-issuing solutions are also able to make requests or seek assistance in what otherwise is a fully automated process.
With the inclusion of Checkmate's messaging functionality, Ariane Systems customers can now provide guests with the ability to connect with hotel staff either before, during or after their stay. Guests can initiate a dialogue with staff using SMS, email or Facebook Messenger. The platform maintains all messages from a particular guest in one single thread, regardless of which communications medium was used, ensuring that all conversational history is easily traceable for reference. Using a web and mobile Checkmate interface, staff can respond to guest requests or assign internal tasks to ensure the quick resolution of virtually any issue.      
With Checkmate, hoteliers gain a solution that is fully compatible with 99 percent of mobile devices currently available to consumers. Directly linking all messages to a guest's reservation in a hotel's property management system, the solution ensures that no requests are overlooked and that contact details are always fully up-to-date.
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