Applova Apps, Websites Join the Square App Marketplace

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
a close up of a hand holding a remote control

Applova Inc., the app-building platform, is now available for download on Square App Marketplace. This order-ahead technology is compatible with all Square POS devices and empowers restaurants to leverage website orders and build branded apps. Restaurant owners can get their professional iOS and Android apps customized for their establishments.

Applova also offers visibility to customer insights and analytics, as well as marketing services to drive more sales, enhance customer experience, boost loyalty, attract new patrons, and speed up services. In fact, 32% of restaurants say using data to understand guest preferences and behavior is driving their next POS upgrade -- HT's 2021 POS Software Trends report

After-sales support includes the guidance of experienced Customer Success advisors who will collaborate and strategize with restaurant operators, helping them chart the course to success.


[37% of restaurants say integration with a third-party delivery system is driving their next POS upgrade, according to HT's 2021 POS Software Trends report. ]

Applova’s solutions are commission-free with no per-order charges or hidden-fees. Applova gives complete control to restaurant owners and allows owners to build direct relationships with their customers.


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