Applebee's Franchisee Improves Efficiency & Protects Customer Credit Cards with Merchant Link

Porter Apple Company, a Midwest Applebee's franchisee with nine restaurants across three states, is today more focused on food and customer service, and less concerned about its credit card transactions, following its installation of the Merchant Link Gateway and TransactionVault, the company's flagship payments security product.

"We've gone from transaction times we sometimes had to measure literally in weeks, to truly efficient and highly secure credit card transactions," says Porter Apple Controller LeAnn Robbins. "With the Merchant Link Gateway, our cash flow has significantly improved, and no longer must we deal with 'failed postings' and the significantly higher processors fees that go along with that.  Plus, we rest easier knowing that Merchant Link's TransactionVault has safeguarded the personal credit card information of our customers."

TransactionVault, Merchant Link's tokenization solution, is a hosted service that removes the valuable credit card information from the restaurant's POS where it would be at risk from hackers, instead housing the information in Merchant Link's secure "vault." With over 13,000 restaurants currently securing their customer's information, TransactionVault also decreases the efforts needed to attain and maintain PCI Compliance.

Better credit card transaction management
Having adopted the Squirrel point of sale (POS) system beginning in 1991, Porter Apple Company always thought it had the right technology, but the wrong supporting service, when it came to the management of credit card transactions.

"Our allegedly high-speed transactions provider simply was not cutting it," says Robbins. "We regularly experienced lost batches, suffered unexplained delays in processing, and even missed the monthly billing cycles of some of our customers. Meantime, these blunders, glitches and oversights were costing us tens of thousands of dollars in increased, punitive processing fees - not to speak of the goodwill of some of our best customers."

At the suggestion of Squirrel, Porter Apple approached Merchant Link in early 2009, and quickly decided to adopt the company's technology. Porter Apple began using the Merchant Link Gateway as well as TransactionVault, and experienced positive results almost immediately.  

"I used to spend one to two hours daily on the reconciliation of our credit card transactions. Today, that task takes me no more than 10 minutes," says Robbins. "And with Merchant Link's TransactionVault, I know that we're earning the trust our customers have placed in us, by keeping their credit card information safe and secure." 
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