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App for Hotel Industry Helps Turn Guests into Loyal Fans

Occupancy Solutions, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, launches The Echo Effect a revolutionary application, engagement and reward system for the hospitality industry. It provides added value to guests by turning them into loyal fans who will generate repeat business, referrals, and reviews.

"It is no longer the names, the brands, or the hotel itself, but the guest experience that ensures a hotel's success," says Elaine Simpson, President of Occupancy Solutions. "As a lifetime road warrior and expert on occupancy levels I saw that there were many opportunities to up level a guest experience in innovative ways, so I created the app The Echo Effect."

The Echo Effect creates an added value experience that helps the hospitality industry generate more repeat business by manifesting the highest levels of guest satisfaction with the hotel. 

The traveler will use the app to customize their guest experience while traveling and staying at hotels by creating conveniences as if they're home by using the app to connect to hundreds of opportunities with local restaurants, ordering groceries, rides, and much more.  Users can connect with other travelers that are nearby to meet with and create such pairings as being a workout buddy, jogging partner, meet up with other dog owners to go to a dog park creating a community and conveniences as if they were home. 

The app is free to travelers.

Hotels will be able to create customized and specific experiences unique to their brand.

The Echo Effect uses gamification to motivate and encourage travelers' behaviors and actions to create their home away from home.  Travelers are rewarded for working out while on the road, filling out hotel performance surveys, and receive incentives to get even more engaged with the property and surrounding local opportunities. It also gives the traveler a proactive voice in having their needs met especially in real time.

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