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Apex Flow-Thru Order Pickup Solution Puts the Customer in Control

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Your customers love digital ordering because it’s quick, convenient, and contactless. With the Apex Flow-Thru Order Pickup Solution, you can make the last step of their digital experience just as convenient as the first. It’s the industry’s smartest, most versatile order pickup locker solution, helping you optimize the efficiency and profitability of digital orders while giving customers contactless pickup in seconds.

These Flow-Thru food lockers feature a smart, two-sided design with open compartments in the back for quick employee loading. Customizable, color-coded lights guide the associate where to load the order.

Around front, doors keep orders secure until your customer scans or enters their pickup code. Then their compartment lights up, the door opens, they take their order and they’re on their way in seconds.


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Optimizes associate order loading while customers pick up in 10 seconds or less.

Advanced software simplifies operations and improves customer experience

The Flow-Thru Order Pickup Solution combines innovative software with lightweight APIs for seamless integration with your POS, KDS/KMS, online ordering platform, app provider and more. This creates a fully digital order fulfillment solution, with portfolio-wide data visibility that reveals opportunities for continuous improvement.

Your employees get a seamless, load-and-repeat workflow that increases throughput during peak hours. And customers enjoy fast, self-serve pickup, with no confusion about which order is theirs.

A powerful addition to the omnichannel tech stack

The efficiencies this solution brings to digital order fulfillment are a major leap forward in customer experience, and a powerful addition to a future-focused tech stack. With the customer’s rapid shift in technology adoption, the Flow-Thru Order Pickup Solution meets their new demands for speed, security and efficiency at every step.

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Product Information:


Product: Apex Flow-Thru Order Pickup Solution

Technology type: Smart food locker

The industry’s smartest, most versatile order pickup solution

  • Provides secure, self-serve pickup in seconds to increase transactions during peak hours.
  • Two-sided design streamlines order loading to optimize throughput and increase transactions.
  • Advanced software offers portfolio-wide data visibility for order management, control, and analytics.
  • Customizable LED lighting and indicators guide employees and customers to the correct compartment.



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