American Dairy Queen Corporation Secures Netsurion as Preferred Managed Firewall Solution

American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) aligned with cloud-managed IT security services provider Netsurion to strengthen network security and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance to protect customer data.
"Customers frequent DQ restaurants for our mouth-watering food and world-famous soft-serve treats, not to concern themselves with who may be privy to sensitive data resulting from gaps in security technology. Netsurion's focus on the security of each individual customer drove our choice to select them as a solution," said Chuck Eicher, ADQ director of Restaurant Technology. "The Netsurion managed firewall solution provides DQ locations with strong security postures and peace of mind that patron credit card data is protected."
ADQ reportedly singled out several factors in its selection of Netsurion, including its ability to help prevent firewalls from being circumvented by monitoring the volume of credit card traffic through the firewall; its ability to detect and lock out unauthorized devices attempting to connect to the network; and its handling of outbound data, ensuring that when customers' credit card information leaves the network, it is transmitted only to authorized locations.
"We are providing franchisees with a solution that we believe is the best security option on the market at this time," said Eicher. "We trust the knowledge and experience that the Netsurion team provides and the attention paid to DQ's specific business needs."
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