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Amadeus & Zingle Partner to Enhance Guest Communications and Experience

Amadeus and Zingle have announced a partnership to integrate Zingle messaging technology with Amadeus’ hospitality service optimization solutions, to provide hotels with the mobile texting and messaging technology they need to better service and communicate with guests. Zingle enables hoteliers that implement the Amadeus service optimization products to text and message guests through any mobile channel. At every point during the guest’s stay, staff can communicate with guests through an integrated two-way platform, which significantly reduces operational inefficiencies and wait time. Additionally, staff can easily manage all interactions in a simple inbox shared between all departments. 
From the guest perspective, giving guests a platform to text staff directly without the need to download an app makes the interaction direct, instant and hassle free. Due to the fast and natural use of texting, guests can simply text when they want room service or their TV is broken. This has an enormous impact when it comes to the overall stay of the guest.
The Breakers, a privately-owned, luxury resort, in Palm Beach, Florida is already reaping the benefits of the Amadeus and Zingle partnership.“Management has seen an average of 40 to 100 daily texts from guests seeking assistance with basic requests,” said Darren Hirsowitz, Director of finance & business analytics. “Once a guest becomes comfortable with texting the hotel for their needs, the engagement between our team and guests increases, resulting in a higher overall level of satisfaction with the entire resort experience. The real breakthrough here is the capability to connect with a guest on their terms.”
By combining the power of Zingle’s mobile messaging solution and Amadeus’ hospitality service optimization solutions, hotels are leaping into the one of the fastest growing trends in the industry and are differentiating themselves from competitors. By reducing unnecessary delays and wait times, providing personalized communication and increasing engagement, hotels are delivering a new level personalization.
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