The Alva Park Resort & Spa Locks It Up with VingCard

The Alva Park Resort & Spa in Costa Brava, Spain has completed the installation of Classic by VingCard, a state of the art electronic locking solution, and Infinity II by Elsafe in-room safes. This Catalonia hotel located in legendary Costa Brava is a sanctuary of luxurious accommodation where relaxation and fine dining are the most important items on the agenda. This 86-room property is lavish in design, with hotel grounds that echo the privacy and modern environment the Alva Resort treasures, featuring the first ever Molton Brown Spa complete with a fitness room and its signature Indian Princess Bath. The property also includes a kids club for families and prime conference space for business travelers. Only half an hour away from the Barcelona Airport, this signature hotel accommodates guests with its close proximity to Barcelona, Girona and the many landmarks of Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava, making the property a location of prime perfection for every traveler.
"This hotel was designed to create the ultimate travel experience for every guest," says Jose Luis Cases, general manager of The Alva Park Resort and Spa. "And since safety is a top priority, we chose Classic by VingCard to secure our guests and their valuables. The system's unique security features allow us to satisfy the demands of our guests while offering them the safest experience possible at The Alva Park Resort and Spa."

With more than 15 years of proven performance in properties worldwide, Classic by VingCard employs cutting-edge technology to offer a unique design for user-friendly guest interaction. The standalone electronic lock is controlled by software existing in the individual lock and activated by cards coded in the issuing computer. Since the cylinder is recoded from the outside of the lock, the key cards can be recoded without disturbing guests at the property. Built with a full mortise ANSI or EURO lock case, with a security latch and strong deadbolt, the Classic lock has been tested through more than 1.2 million openings without visible signs of wear and tear. The system also uses a unique life safety cylinder, a recodable emergency overdrive, and a "panic release" deadbolt activated by a single action of the inner handle, providing unsurpassed security to hotels

"Classic by VingCard allows our staff to constantly operate at the maximum efficiency in order to maintain the highest and most effective levels of security," says Cases. "The 600-event audit trail and new 'flash' technology gives our property the capability to update and reprogram the locking systems without having to replace the aesthetics, offering unprecedented convenience for the hotel."

In-room security
To complement the Classic system, Alva Park Resort & Spa has chosen to install Infinity II by Elsafe. Infinity II by Elsafe combines the same unmatched security standards Elsafe is known for around the world, packaged in a functional, modern design, making it an ideal in-room safe for quality- and design-conscious hoteliers, without compromising guests' security needs. The safe series is designed on a flexible platform to accommodate quick and easy upgrades. Migrating from the standard Infinity II digital safe to the Infinity II RFID/NFC system is made simple, as is upgrading to a wireless RF-online platform for remote communication with a central server for both Infinity II digital and RFID/NFC.

In addition to featuring an industry-leading audit trail and an attractive, ergonomic design, there are four unique features that, while invisible to the guest, make Infinity II by Elsafe highly secure, and also helped Elsafe obtain its UL-1037 certification for this series. Elsafe's electronic in-room safes have obtained the prestigious UL-1037 certification. These features include:

  • Hook-style interlocking mechanism for higher security
  • Anti-tamper labyrinth mechanism to prevent tampering
  • Solid piece, cold-pressed curved steel door that provides additional strength
  • Extended solid steel hinges permanently arc-welded to the door
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