ALICE Launches Free COVID-19 Checklist Software

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

ALICE has launched a new free product to help hoteliers operate more efficiently during COVID-19. ALICE’s COVID-19 Checklists Software is available now, and is free to help hotels manage operations through times of low occupancy or closure, back into times of recovery, and up to full occupancy again. ALICE Checklists provides hoteliers with tools to streamline operations and communications.

With ALICE Checklists, the company is supporting hoteliers during lean times in the way it knows best: providing staff with tools. ALICE has teamed up with seasoned hotel operators to create the most comprehensive checklists to keep staff organized and effective. ALICE is providing a library of standardized checklists, as well as letting hotels create their own checklists for the following procedures:

  • Essential preventative maintenance
  • Operating with low occupancy
  • Temporarily shutting down areas for guests
  • Operating while closed for guests
  • Temporarily shutting down the hotel
  • And many more...

The checklists are printable and mobile-enabled. ALICE Checklists tracks progress and provides reporting for hoteliers. When increasing operations again, or completely reopening, Checklists can be utilized to bring guest rooms and public areas back into service, and to streamline task management.

"COVID-19 is a unique cultural, environmental, and economic hardship for where we are being asked to make cuts in places that seemed unimaginable a short time ago," says Jeff Parker, Hotel Operations Expert. "I wanted to share my experience with hotels that have not gone through the process of removing rooms, wings and buildings from service. These checklists will also help hoteliers prepare for re-opening to extend hospitality to guests once again.”

ALICE is offering this product for free, to any hotelier, with no strings attached. The strength and spirit of the hospitality community is important, and this product will help hoteliers weather the storm until occupancy is on the rise.

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