AIDA Cruises selects Accommtec to Provide Premium In-Cabin Infotainment system

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Accommtec, the hospitality technology division of Exterity, announced that AIDA Cruises, a market leader in the German-speaking cruise market, has chosen its ArtioGuest interactive guest portal solution to upgrade its in-cabin infotainment systems. The announcement comes as the Accommtec team prepares to discuss ArtioGuest, ArtioSign digital signage and the full range of end-to-end IP-based solutions developed by parent company Exterity, a leading provider of IP video, digital signage and guest experience technologies, at Seatrade Cruise Virtual, being held online 5-8 October 2020.

AIDA Cruises provides facilities that create a modern and comfortable experience for all guests. However, in order to ensure its on-board entertainment experience evolved in line with the expectations of travellers who see technology as a key consideration in their choice of luxury cruise, AIDA chose to deploy ArtioGuest middleware to create a five-star in-cabin entertainment experience on a number of its cruise ships.

“Technology has become central to the overall onboard experience, providing guests with additional ease and convenience when accessing cruise ship services and television channels,” said Chris Van Hoven, Senior Product Owner Digital Onboard Experience at AIDA Cruises. “After reviewing several vendors, it quickly became clear that the Exterity systems offered by Accommtec were the obvious choice. ArtioGuest has been widely deployed by world-renowned hospitality brands, which is testament to the reliability of the platform.”

As of mid-2020, Accommtec has equipped six AIDA ships – including AIDAnova which  is among the world’s largest and most technologically advanced vessels – with a combined total of over 11,000 guest and crew cabins, each with in-cabin infotainment TV interfaces powered by ArtioGuest. AIDA created a fully customisable interface that delivers a rich variety of German language and international TV channels, as well as movies (with age restriction controls) and TV shows on demand. Crew members also have the ability to catch up on the previous two days of TV, an important benefit for their welfare, as well as to watch training videos. ArtioGuest also enables AIDA to drive additional revenue as guests are able to book excursions and purchase movies from the comfort of their room. Guests can also view their bill and receive messages from ship personnel on their in-cabin TV.

In addition to in-cabin infotainment, the Exterity IP video system powers public screens in areas such as reception and lounges, with digital signage displaying  news channels, weather, events, restaurant and bar opening times, as well as live sports events – all managed centrally by the system administrator. Safety measures are also taken into consideration with the ability to automatically mute all TVs when emergency signals and announcements are in progress.

“Today’s cruise passengers are tech-savvy and discerning about the role technology plays in the comfort and enjoyment of the onboard experience,” said Eleuterio Fernandes, Managing Director at Accommtec. “AIDA Cruises recognises that offering cutting-edge cabin entertainment and digital communications is no longer an option – it’s a business imperative. We’re incredibly proud that our technology solutions, based on their ability to seamlessly integrate with the cruise line’s own systems, are delivering a premium and convenient experience to AIDA’s guests.”

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