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Accor, Phrasee Partnership Leads to More Opens, Greater Website Traffic

AI content platform helps hospitality brand to optimize email subject lines, drive engagement and revenue.
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Just a few weeks ago, Accor announced a new partnership with Phrasee, an AI content platform for enterprise marketers. Accor is using Phrasee to optimize subject lines, tested to drive open and click rates for higher engagement, traffic, and revenue for the specified hotels. The optimized copy will help ensure that Accor brands are at the forefront of customers' minds when they are ready to book. In addition, Phrasee’s platform will guarantee messaging consistency across multiple marketing channels, further boosting customer loyalty with the right messaging at the right time, delivered via the right vehicle.

To learn mor about this partnership and how it will work in the near future, Hospitality Technology spoke with Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee.

Tell us more about Phrasee and what it can do.
Phrasee provides marketers with the best-performing content for use across their digital marketing campaigns through an AI content platform with enterprise-grade controls. Phrasee’s AI platform enables Enterprise Marketers to create and optimize on-brand content that improves results. By partnering with Phrasee, hotel marketing teams can optimize their marketing copy to increase clicks, conversions, convert abandoned browses, accelerate engagement and impact overall revenue.

What is Accor using Phrasee for?

Accor welcomes millions of visitors every year – but the hospitality sector, upon returning from COVID-19, has become hyper competitive again.  Maintaining loyalty from their visitors is key – when people are in buying mode for room nights, Accor must be top of mind.  So Accor is partnering with Phrasee to ensure their base becomes as loyal as possible, and when they’re on the hunt for a place to stay, Accor is only a click away.

What has Accor accomplished thus far in its partnership with Phrasee?

Accor has utilized Phrasee in 18 campaigns across the UK and France. To date, Phrasee’s optimization has resulted in an average open uplift of 3.9%, an average click uplift of 8.7%, 137,211 incremental opens and 5,131 incremental clicks - traffic to site. 

How does Phrasee help Accor’s marketing team?

Phrasee is a tool to assist the marketing team. Tasked with crafting engaging content across email, push and SMS, social and web/app, marketers have to produce more outputs, across more channels, than ever before. Phrasee equips a marketing team with data to ensure smart decision making and key learnings to optimize marketing messages over time. With Phrasee, no campaigns have to go under-tested or rely on a gut reaction. 

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