82nd Street Wireless to Offer Free Hosting for its Wi-Fi Hotspot Software

82nd Street Wireless is now offering free hosting for it's wi-fi hotspot software which allows restaurants and cafes to benefit from the global demand for public wi-fi while earning revenue from selling access.

Wishing to ease the cost of setting up a public wi-fi hotspot, 82nd Street Wireless has opted to not charge either set-up or monthly fees for it's hosted wi-fi hotspot software. Instead, 82nd Street will charge either a fixed wholesale rate or a percentage of end-user's access fees depending on the business model chosen by the location owner.

What makes 82nd Street's wi-fi hotspot software unique is the ability to customize both the wi-fi login page and rate plans. Login page customization applications might include branding, special promotions and a link to an email newsletter. Having the ability to customize rate plans means locations can stay one step ahead of their local competition.

Alternatively, for locations wanting to offer free wi-fi, 82nd Street offers "timed accounts" which means that locations can control the duration of guest sessions. The big problem with providing unrestricted free access is having to deal with guests who overstay their welcome. Provisioning timed accounts diplomatically solves that issue.
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