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80% of Hotel Guests Expect Hotels to Initiate Communication After Booking

TrustYou published the findings of a recently conducted travel industry study which identifies a strong correlation between the communication of guests and accommodation providers and the resulting overall guest satisfaction. The sample for the study consisted of 920 participants of adults over the age of 18, all of whom must have traveled and booked an accommodation online within the past 12 months for business, leisure, or both. The study is available to download for free.
Key findings of the study include:
  • Guests expect that hotels will initiate communication once a booking is confirmed. 80% of travelers expect to receive correspondence from the hotel, with email as the most likely channel.
  • A vast majority of guests prefer digital communication, with email being the most frequently used medium. However, there is a significantly higher correlation between guest satisfaction for those guests who have communicated with a hotel via messaging (such as SMS or Facebook Messenger), vs those who communicate via e-mail. 
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