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5 Things You’ll Learn at MURTEC Executive Summit that will Make You a Better Restaurant Tech Leader

The countdown for the MURTEC Executive Summit 2019 is on and if you haven’t registered yet, be prepared to ask yourself, “What have I been waiting for?” This year’s event takes place October 28-30 at the picturesque Four Seasons Troon in Scottsdale, Ariz., and will bring together the top minds in IT leadership from leading restaurant brands and technology suppliers. Here are five concrete things you’ll take home from the desert.

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How the Best CIOs Help their Brands Compete
Learn what successful C-suite executives are doing to help their brands win over customers in a crowded market. Top IT leaders from Shake Shack, Papa John’s and Zume Pizza will name their picks for the technologies customers are ravenously using, and which ones they aren’t. Nothing is off limits as the panel fields questions about 2020 technology plans and strategy; what they’re doing about delivery; and how they really felt about the last season of Game of Thrones. 


Latest Research on the Tech Your Customers Actually Want 
Customers are a fickle bunch and the pace of technological change is the only thing more mercurial. HTs new research confirms that more than half of consumers will pay for more food if the tech at the restaurant is good. Find out how customers’ “Uber expectations” are driving delivery demands and what technologies will get diners to pick your restaurant over a competitor’s.


Other Industries are getting Disrupted, too. What are they Doing About it? 
Opening keynoter Shawn DuBravac, a global futurist and trendcaster whose bragging rights include 12 years innovating the CES show, will provoke restaurant brands to remember that everything can – and will – be disrupted. DuBravac will cut to how other industries are re-thinking the customer journey, using virtual reality, artificial intelligence, analytics, drones, digital payment, geolocation and more to create new customer experiences. The future is more accessible than you might think: "We're so accustomed to doing things the same way -- there are also opportunities to grow your offerings using assets that you already have at hand," hints DuBravac. 


Coca-Cola’s Vision for your Fully-Integrated FoH, BoH and OP Experience
Coca-Cola executives share unique perspectives on the table-stakes technology evolution required to meet today's digital economy demands, including fully-integrated front of house, back of house, and off-premise. They’ll quench your thirst for tapping tech that wows consumers wherever, whenever and however they experience your brand.  


A Visualization Exercise with Nando’s. Plus the Equation Del Frisco’s uses to Vote Go/No-Go on New Tech
Kathleen Chugh, North America CTO for Nando’s, will walk you through an exercise designed to help both IT managers and executive leadership visualize technology investment through a lens of level effort, output and expected returns. Later, Brandon Coleman, president of Del Frisco’s Grille, breaks down the who and why of customer experience ROI. He’ll share the equation he uses to measure the viability of new technology on customer experience. Hint: your customers need to get more than they give up.

That list was actually six things -- you’re welcome. You can register now for the MURTEC Executive Summit here

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