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5 Point of Sale Tech Demos, Direct from MURTEC

Lauded as the gold standard for restaurant technology insight offering both compelling sessions and top-notch networking opportunities, the 20th installment of MURTEC did not disappoint. In addition to the invaluable opportunities for one-on-one networking with industry peers, the event also afforded up-close-and-personal glimpses of the latest technologies being offered to streamline restaurant operations.
Here technology experts from sponsoring companies highlight of some of their respective companies' latest offerings in the point of sale.   
Tom Dunigan, Account Executive for Agilysys demos the latest Infogenesis solution, an 11" tablet with enclosure and stand. The solution includes signature capture, guest-facing application, and an RFID card allows the tablet to be taken off the stand to be used as a mobile tablet. The tablet can be used off the stand for line busting, mobile POS applications, etc.  
Cayan’s director of strategic business development, John Pleau, showcases how Cayan helps partners isolate customer data, taking it out of scope, away from the POS. The result is no interaction between the POS and the payments terminal (in this demo Verifone). Software companies can take multiple payments by writing to one interface, allowing them to add various functionality easily and securely.
Calvin Graves of Custom Business Solutions (CBS) demonstrates Northstar Order Entry iPad solutions at MURTEC 2015, including new functionality with Apple Pay.
Andre Nataf, director business development, talks about the new features for the Digital Dining solution, including swiping credit cards / EMV / Apple Pay features that allow for easy changes on the screen for ease of use. The software functionality remains the same, via tablet, handheld PDA, or hardened terminal, making it easy to cross-train employees. Digital Dining is a hardware agnostic solution, although the demo is shown on a Posiflex terminal.
Jonathon Sellers, VP North American Operations and Kym Houden, executive chairman & founder of Task Retail Technology were on hand at MURTEC showcasing the company’s latest customer-facing solutions. Sellers demonstrates Task’s focus on consumer-facing technology, and how Task Retail's software interfaces and integrates with store-level POS systems.

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