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36-Unit Arby's Franchisee Taps RTI to Offset Rising Food, Labor Costs

Huse Incorporated, an Indiana-based Arby’s franchisee, plans to implement Restaurant Technology’s RTIconnect Back Office system in all of its 36 restaurants.
Looking for a solution to help them offset rising food and labor costs, Huse Incorporated began a pilot program with RTI in late 2010 in three restaurants, saw quick results, and expanded the trial to five more locations. After witnessing an overall 1 %+ lowered food cost in those stores, Huse executives committed to implementing RTIconnect through the rest of its operation by the first quarter of 2012.
“The clincher in our decision to move forward with RTIconnect was the consistent improvement in each restaurant’s ability to lower food cost,” says Craig Truelock, vice president of operations. “We were looking for a system that would improve our efficiency and identify specific areas to save time and money. We found that and more. RTI gives the restaurant management teams a great toolset for improving our efficiencies and costs. The inventory ordering process is so economizing. Just by identifying what we’ve sold and forecasting what we need, we’ve been able to carry less inventory in the restaurants, not just reducing inventory costs, but enabling managers to recognize and reduce waste and prevent pilferage.”
In the Huse Incorporated restaurants, RTIconnect interfaces with the existing Panasonic POS software. Headquartered in Bloomington, Ind., Huse Incorporated operates 36 Arby’s restaurants in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Iowa.
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