3 Reasons Why Hotels Should Invest in Augmented Reality


It’s been 3 years since the world encountered a great augmented reality gaming experience in the form of Pokémon Go. However, did you know that AR technology was invented back in 1957? Obviously, it has taken the world a really long time to adopt and embrace it. But now, the world is ready to use this immersive technology, not just for gaming, but for business purposes too.

Is the hospitality industry ready for AR? Well, if you still think that AR in the hotel industry is the talk of tomorrow, then you might not be getting the regular tech updates. By the year 2025, the market size of augmented reality will reach $198 billion, and the hospitality industry is going to be one of the major players that helps AR reach this revenue goal. Starwood, Marriot, and Holiday Inn are already making a difference in the industry by leveraging this technology. For both small hoteliers as well as large hotel tycoons, an investment in augmented reality could bring a lot of change in business revenue.

How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing the Hotel Industry

Without a doubt, Augmented Reality is giving the hotel industry boundless opportunities to engage with guests. From providing a virtual tour of a guest room before booking to helping foreign travelers find important locations nearby, there are many reasons why hoteliers should invest in this technology. Here we will consider 5 reasons:

  1. Improved Pamphlets and Brochures

There are renowned hotels across the globe which are using AR brochures to demonstrate their accommodation and amenities to prospective guests. Guests can see the virtual layout of the space they are thinking of booking and go on to view other amenities such as the pool, spa, restaurant and gym. This will lead to increased satisfaction and higher booking rates as the guest will have a better understanding of how their stay at the property will be.

  1. Guest Recognition

Every guest is special and needs to be handled with utmost care. But, at times it is not always possible for hotel staff to do so the way the guest wants. However, hotels could implement AR in the form of Google Glass to help with this issue. While wearing Google Glass, staff members have the ability to see important guest details: Is this a new or loyal customer? Do they have room preferences? Are they at the hotel for business or pleasure?  

  1. Propagation of Information

Upon downloading a hotel app, AR could help the guest receive important information. For instance, a guest could point their smartphone in any direction within the hotel and get information on things such as maintenance issues, updates on housekeeping status, directions to the pool or spa, etc.

Use Cases of AR in the Hotel Industry

Premier Inn

Each room at this hotel includes a map of the surrounding area. When a guest directs his smartphone at a wall, he can collect information about the nearest points of attraction. AR in the hotel also helps the guests to find amenities easily.

The Mansion

This luxurious property uses AR-enabled brochures to showcase their amenities and accommodations to potential guests.

About Sagar Sharma:

Sagar holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Credencys Solutions Inc., an iPhone app development company. He is responsible for all the technical operations, as well as leading the company’s revolutionary offerings. He is helping companies navigate the Digital journey in an Agile environment. 

Sagar has two main areas of focus - Technology and Processes.  He has worked in leadership positions in various Fortune 500 companies and has been instrumental in driving success through digital transformation. He is also an enthusiastic Agile Coach.

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