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3 Keys to Successful Digital Marketing

As social media and online engagement is constantly evolving, restaurant brands must stay ahead of the digital marketing game in order to bring customers through the door. Operators must develop a flexible strategy that connects technology, marketing and customer service in order to be effective online.

Daniel Russell from Go Fish Digital, is a fast-rising star in the digital marketing space. Russell will be presenting his insights on this constantly fluctuating business area at Hospitality Technology's 2016 Restaurant Executive Summit in a “Crash Course in Digital Marketing Priorities for Restaurant Executives.” Here he gives HT a sneak peek at three key things restaurant executives should know about digital marketing.

1.       MYTH BUSTING: Good Customer Service Doesn’t Trump a Bad Online Rep
A common misconception is that good customer service alone will protect your online brand and reputation.  TripAdvisor, Yelp, Reddit, and other online forums have made it easier than ever for guests to leave reviews or comment online about products and services.  So, even if your customer service is stellar, the rare guest that has an unpleasant experience can quickly post negative commentary about your brand and it will immediately be visible.  Having a strategy to intercept or engage these situations is crucial.

2.       THE SOCIAL IMPACT: An Evolving Invaluable Tool
Applying localized marketing using new social platforms like Snapchat has had a huge impact on how restaurants can market to guests.  Branding, discounts, membership rewards, new menu roll-outs and other direct-to-guest marketing strategies are usually more engaging at the local level and have hire success rates.  One of the best benefits for marketing teams and executives is that these 'local' marketing campaigns can be applied on a national level where the platform delivers the local customization.

3.       TOP TIP: Always mix something new in with what has worked historically
Organizations are often tempted to stick with what went well the year before, and while that can definitely be part of a solid strategy, you'll be using decade-old marketing techniques before long if you're not experimenting with something new on a regular basis.  By constantly trying new things, you can incorporate what works into your core strategy and move onto the next set of new ideas.
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