2ndKitchen Launches Virtual Room Service for Hotels in 6 Major U.S. Cities

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Chicago startup 2ndKitchen said it launched its new virtual room service and daily breakfast program in six major cities, including: Chicago, New York City, Miami, Denver, Dallas and New Orleans. Due to high demand for the service, 2ndKitchen plans to expand the service to more than 20 cities in 2021. 

The new program allows hotels to serve contactless dining experiences with 2ndKitchen’s virtual kitchen technology. It uses kitchens from nearby restaurants to create a white-labeled menu that powers the room service and breakfast program for hotels without an onsite kitchen. By working with neighborhood restaurants, 2ndKitchen eases the heavy impact dealt by COVID-19 while highlighting delicious local cuisine to guests.

One of the program’s partners in New York City is Manhattan’s Hotel 50 Bowery. Its new, virtual room service program - called Bowery Takeout - provides hotel guests with local popular food, delivered directly to guests at the hotel. Guests are virtually connected to the neighborhood staples, including Jing Fong, a local favorite among locals and guests alike that serves traditional Chinese dim sum, and Two Bridges, a contemporary bistro showcasing casual New American cuisine for breakfast.

“We were eager to provide something hyper-local and authentic to our area, especially with guests ordering takeout in a post-COVID world. We’re happy to always see a 2ndKitchen delivery in the lobby,” said Hotel 50 Bowery GM Ryan Fender.

2ndKitchen connects hotels to virtual kitchens in local restaurants. 2ndKitchen curates the menus and uses its delivery network to fulfill orders to guests - typically within 30 minutes. The service is completely free for hotels, with hotels such as Hotel 50 Bowery earning income on every guest order. Hotels can also offer various food programs, amenities, and packages to their guests, such as meal credits for elite guests and groups.

Guests order by scanning a QR code found on their in-room menus, which takes them to a hotel-dedicated online ordering portal. The service has no delivery fees and is completely contactless. 

You can learn more about 2ndKitchen’s virtual room service and other guest dining experiences at 2ndkitchen.com/hotel.

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