2020 POS Software Trends Report: Unlocking Agility

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Data and integration are key for restaurants in order to deliver choice and convenience to consumers
By Dorothy Creamer, Editor, HT magazine - 10/18/2019

The point of sale for restaurants is becoming a fluid concept, as technology no longer needs to be tethered to a counter or a static workstation. This in itself is not a new trend — mobile POS investments have remained a top driver influencing software spend, a development HT has tracked in this annual report. It is worth noting that restaurant transactions are in a state of flux. Orders are increasingly shifting to online or digital channels, and the draw of third-party delivery platforms is moving the POS farther afield. 

Suppliers have been along for this ride and have spent considerable effort to add integrations and features to help restaurants successfully and profitably address these issues. With all there is for restaurants to unpack in terms of feature sets and functionalities, restaurant operators in this year’s POS Software Trends survey report they are not looking for new POS vendors. Only 12% of restaurants say they plan to change POS suppliers in 2020 (Fig. 1) compared to 29% in 2019 and the number of restaurant operators that claim to be testing the waters for new POS solutions also saw a precipitous dip, falling from 51% in 2019 to 23% in 2020. This does not mean that POS suppliers are off the proverbial hook, as operators admit they will be looking for more features and functionalities from existing systems. The majority of restaurants (65%) plan to expand upon feature sets of current POS software.