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2014 Tech Predictions for Hospitality

Revel Systems has announced top industry predictions that will shape the hospitality and retail technology industries in 2014. Revel Systems forecasts that retail in the coming year will be more streamlined and integrated with online experiences, to propel the industry forward.
In 2014, Revel Systems predicts the following industry advancements will begin to take shape:
POS Systems will integrate with personal data trackers such as Fuelband, Fitbit and Up – As consumers burn calories during your day, these devices will communicate with POS systems during order times to download how many calories you will consume, and recommends meal and menu items based on your daily caloric intake goals.
Mobile and digital currency will go mainstream in retail – Mobile payment options will bridge people's online wallets with their physical ones at the checkout. People will be able to tap into digital currencies like Paypal Google Wallet and Bitcoin to pay for items at the checkout line. Smartphones check calendars and geo centric data to offer you the best eating experience based on your schedule and preferences. POS terminals will act as beacons for the mobile consumer.
CRM Technologies will become "smart" and predictive - Loyalty programs usually an afterthought to the point of sale, however, by using smart peripherals such as facial recognition software, a retailer's menu boards and POS displays can use predictive modeling based on past order history to recommend items for cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
Social Capital begins to influence personal pricing at brick and mortar – CRM systems will also include social data so that more influential people over Twitter and Facebook can receive perks based on their digital footprint and if they help publicize a business through checking-in or uploading product or establishment photos. Offline and online experiences merge.
Order-Ahead features become the norm - Online and mobile ordering are standard but with order-ahead functionality, people no longer have to wait in line to make a purchase. This changes the nature of how retailers interact with consumers in restaurants, leading to more streamlined and intuitive ordering experience.
Gamification will be offered in POS systems – With the popularity of gamification technologies like Yelp and Foursquare, POS systems will begin to offer incentives like achievement badges and virtual rewards for both establishment owners and customers. Retailers will have the potential to unlock achievements like, "You just sold your 1 millionth coffee! While consumers can earn recognitions like, "Congratulations, you are the 2000th customer."
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