Zoes Kitchen to Upgrade Current & Future Site Openings to Radiant POS Technology

Zoes Kitchen, a fast-casual restaurant chain emphasizing fresh ingredients and made-from-scratch Mediterranean-inspired food, has agreed to install the Aloha Enterprise solution along with Radiant hardware in all current restaurant locations as well as future site openings.

"A large part of the business at each of our locations is call ahead and takeout service, and as we continue to grow, it was evident that we needed new technology to help us serve those customers with more speed and accuracy," says Greg Dollarhyde, chief executive officer at Zoes Kitchen. "The combination of online ordering, takeout and delivery options gives our customers more flexibility in their ordering, which enables us to provide them with a more valuable, customer-oriented experience while also supporting a real-time database for future marketing initiatives."
The Aloha Enterprise solution helps restaurants in all areas of their business -- from managing day-to-day operations to creating targeted marketing programs. In particular, the solution's online ordering, takeout and delivery capabilities give customers the convenience of accessing the restaurant when and where they choose. Not only do guests enjoy that Zoes can save their favorite orders and store payment information in a secure environment to make future orders easier, but restaurant operators can analyze customer information from these applications to make better menu and marketing decisions. In addition, Aloha Enterprise's loyalty functionality allows Zoes' restaurants to create loyalty programs that help stimulate repeat business and grow revenues while also adding additional value to the guests' dining experience.
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