Zenreach Drives 7.5 Million Customers Back To Restaurants In One Year


Returning customers spent $393-$739 million from April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019

Zenreach announced today that during the last year it has driven 7.5 million people into their customers' businesses. This translated into $393-$739 million dollars of additional attributable revenue.

Zenreach uses proprietary technology to measure the Walk-Through Rate, when someone walks into a physical location within seven days after seeing a marketing message online.

Zenreach customers use their guest WiFi signal to know when patrons visit one of their stores. By understanding customer visit behavior, and connecting results to different offers, merchants can be more precise in the way they target customers and measure the results of their online marketing.

The Walk-Through Rate is similar to the click-through-rate used to measure online advertising.

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