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Zendesk Invests in Alliants to Scale Digital Concierge Services Globally

Alliants, the customer experience technology specialists, has secured a minority stake investment from Zendesk Inc., the global customer experience software company. With this investment, Alliants will accelerate its delivery of high-touch personalized service through messaging and conversational CRM solutions built on Zendesk’s platform, and enable the world’s most revered brands to be more customer-centric with a messaging-first approach.

“Today’s customer expects more than good service, they expect an experience. This is becoming increasingly true whether you’re a last mile delivery company or a six star eco resort,” said Tristan Gadsby, CEO & founder, Alliants. “Our shared mission with Zendesk is to put conversations at the heart of the customer experience, and help companies fulfil their goals, just like we have for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Nobu Hospitality, DHL and many other global brands synonymous with delivering exceptional experiences.”

77% of hoteliers say driving guest loyalty is a top tech initiative, according to HT's 2022 Lodging Technology Study.  

“Messaging is now the default way we communicate with our family and friends, but messaging experiences with brands are often uninspiring and can be unsatisfying,” said Adrian McDermott, chief technology officer, Zendesk. “Alliants’ commitment to delivering superior messaging solutions is closely aligned with our mission of making it easier for companies and customers to create connections. Together, Zendesk and Alliants will help our customers stay in touch, better understand and more effectively serve their customers in the way that’s most organic and convenient for them.”

Alliants’ existing Customer Experience Platform combines lightweight customer messaging with concierge capabilities, which enables contactless communication between businesses and their customers effortlessly over hundreds of different messaging channels. As a result of the investment, Alliants will more tightly integrate with Zendesk, and develop a number of value added solutions on top of Zendesk including messaging insights. Alliants is also building a consulting practice alongside Zendesk to help customers across all industries maximise the benefits from their investments in customer experience technology.

 39% of restaurants say using data to understand guest preferences and behavior is driving their next POS upgrade, according to HT's 2022 POS Software Trends report

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts was an early adopter of Alliants and Zendesk’s technology to transform their digital guest experience and launch their award-winning App and Chat services. Every moment of a Four Seasons stay can now be seamlessly curated in one place from start to finish using the app, from ordering an in-room meal to requesting a morning newspaper, reserving a spa treatment, booking once-in-a-lifetime adventures in the world’s most captivating locales, arranging transport or securing a hard-to-come-by dinner reservation - all while in contact with a concierge on-call.

The Four Seasons Hotels’ Chat is built on Zendesk’s Sunshine Conversations, an API-based conversation platform that enables businesses to leverage today’s most popular social channels as well as a fully-customizable messaging widget and directly interact and transact with customers.

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